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Cava Escape

Suggestions for groups

Cava Escape

This original activity combines all the thrill of an Escape room with all the fun of a classic Treasure Hunt.Participants will explore Codorníu’s Iconic underground wine cellars, facing a variety of challenges as they move towards their goal.

Players must work as a team to correctly manage their allocated time and work through challenges. The adventure begins two storeys below ground level, where participants will come up against tests, opening padlocks and boxes. If successful, they will be able to progress, securing objects and clues to help them to solve the game’s final enigma and open the Masferrer family’s sought-after treasure chest.

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After finishing Cava Escape, attendees will enjoy a Codorníu Cava tasting session.

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The appetiser will be served at the end of the visit.

This activity must be booked in advance.

Additional services: wine bar and store.

Price (VAT included)

Price per group 195 €
Min 2 people, max 12.


105 minutes aprox.


13 April – 16:00h

14 April – 10:30h (sold)

14 April – 13:00h

20 April – 16:00h

27 April – 16:00h (sold)

28 April – 13:00h

29 April – 13:00h

5 May – 12:00h (sold)

6 May – 12:15h

11 May – 16:00h

12 May – 16:30h

17 May – 16:00h

19 May – 12:15h

19 May – 16:30h

20 May – 10:15h

20 May – 12:15h

25 May – 12:15h

Languages: English, spanish or catalan.